Why lockdown is the best time for Semi-Permanent Makeup (Cosmetic Procedure)?

I am sure we agree – the 20’s have been tough. Living through this pandemic for over a year now has been difficult. It has changed the way a lot of us live, leading to increased stress & other unpleasant effects.

However, it has not been all negative, we’ve had some extra time for our closed ones & have even caught up with our long lost friends. It is no longer normal, or even legal, for someone to breath down your neck at those long grocery store lines.

As you wait at home for the pandemic to end, this weird & strange time is actually the best for some cosmetic procedures.

Treatments like microblading, lip colour correction, BB glow face treatment, laser hair removal etc have become increasing popular lately.


Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo. It enhances your face and gives it the extra lift by giving your brows a fuller shaped look.

Why is the lockdown a perfect time to get Microblading done?

Downtime: One if the most frequent question I get asked is – ‘how soon can I go out after the treatment?’, well, now you have all the time in the world with the new normal – work from home!

Increased self-esteem: We many times find ourselves not turning on our camera on during the ‘zoom meetings’ because we do not like the way we look or have no makeup on. Now achieve the ‘no makeup-makeup’ look the second you get up.

Post lock down look: Once the pandemic is a little better and we are able to step out, you will go out looking like a new person. I am sure we’re all sick of sweatpants and want to dress up & look pretty. Why not use this time to work on ourselves?

Lip Colour Correction & Liner Tattoo

Lip Colour Correction & Liner Tattoo are also a form of cosmetic tattoos. Lip colour helps you get rid of the dark pigmentation to give you natural baby pink lips. Liner tattoo is a way to get that perfect winged liner on you.

Why is lockdown the best time to get Lip colour correction or Liner tattoo?

Aftercare: Both of these treatments have a slight swelling which goes down in 24 hours. With you being home, it gives the procedures the perfect aftercare it requires.

Time for sessions: Liner tattoo requires 2 sessions whereas lip colour correction will require about 2-3 sessions depending on the discoloration. Finish all your sessions while this lasts.

BB Glow treatment & Laser hair removal

BB glow treatment is the advanced version of normal facials using vitamin C, hyaluronic, collagen etc. This helps the skin stay healthy from the inside. Laser hair removal is a way to permanently stop the growth of unwanted hair on your body.

Why is lockdown the best time to get BB glow or Laser hair removal?

Fewer salon visits: Shaving can cause itching, ingrowth, inflamed hair follicles, thicker growth and waxing might cause your skin to loosen faster. Finish the problem of hair growth removal every 20-25 days with a few laser hair removal sessions.

Home care is easier: Post the BB Glow treatment the artist will also give you some home remedies & masks that you can use every couple of days to enhance the effects of the facial. With you being home, this definitely gets easier. You will be able to pamper your skin and get maximum results from the procedure.

So may be this year ditch the vacation and work on yourself? We all know how expensive the cosmetic treatments are. But this year, because of the pandemic – let us work more on ourselves & save our travels for when the world is a safer place.

With all the small weddings & closed theatres & restaurants – we have no entertainment. So let us take this year on investing in ourselves, be it working out a little more & focusing on our fitness or getting some cosmetic treatments to boost our self esteem.

Let us emerge out of this pandemic as a new person altogether.

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