Micro-infusion Facial – What’s all the hush about?

What is this all about?

Micro infusion Facial (also known as the AquaGold treatment) in layman terms is a method that helps deposit solutions into the superficial layer of your skin and therefore being more beneficial than the normal facials that just work on your top skin layer. If the thought of getting your skin pricked with needles that are thinner than human hair & are 24-karat-gold sounds exciting – then read on. Additionally, those needles are infused with a magnificent skin-benefiting cocktail of solutions like Vitamin C, Botox, collagen etc. Each solution is curated for you specially according to your skin type. And guess what, this facial has zero downtime – no soreness, no swelling – nothing!

What is the procedure?

It starts with a consultation where the Aesthetic artist understands your skin history and what you are hoping to achieve with the facial. Then they move on to create your personalised elixir of strategically blended portions of Vitamins and other skin-strengthening ingredients. This is then put into the micro infusion bottles and sealed tight. The bottle lid contains needles that are then stamped into your skin for the liquid to be absorbed into the superficial layer. The procedure is pain free. The entire process takes about an hour to 90 minutes from the time you walk in.

What are some of the benefits?

– One of the main ingredient used in this facial is HA or hyaluronic acid. This promotes a healthier skin and help retain moisture. It is naturally produced in your body but as you age the production reduces therefore resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. HA directly benefits the skin by giving it a plumpier & healthy look by reducing the ageing effect.

– One of the other ingredient are antioxidants like Vitamin C, E & A. These help your skin from sun damage and increase the production of collagen to the skin. Vitamin E absorbs the harmful UV rays from the sun when applied & Vitamin C evens out your skin tone, therefore giving you a brightening effect. Vitamin A encourages skin cell production and smoothes out your wrinkles, it also helps clear up acne marks.

– Normal facials only work on the top layer of your skin, whereas micro infusion causes the products to go deeper into your skin. This is 200% more effective that any regular facial.

– This particular facial has no downtime. You skin just might turn pink slightly for an hour after the Facial. It does not cause any bleeding and is completely pain free. It will tighten your pores and leave your skin looking radiant and refined.

Microneedling vs microinfusion.

Micro needling is injecting your skin with collagen directly. This causes a controlled injury to your skin as the injections are pierced into your skin. With micro needling the downtime is 3 days where your skin slightly peels off in order to heal itself. Aesthetic is applied to the skin, but there’d be slight pinching pain during micro needling. These ingredients go deeper into your skin than the micro infusion facial.

Micro infusion facial has no downtime or pain. This helps to reduce wrinkles and gives a more whitening effect to to your skin. For someone with a sensitive skin, micro infusion is a better option.

Who should avoid this facial?

Anyone with active pimples or high diabetes should avoid this facial. Apart from that, as a preventive measure it is not suggested to anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally if you’re going through a skin allergy then you need to avoid it till your skin is healed. This facial is recommended for anyone above the age of 24 as that is when the HA in your body starts to reduce.


You can get the micro infusion facial as often as once every month or even once in 2-3 months as the effects last for a long time. As mentioned, there are no side effects to this facial, you walk out feeling refreshed with your skin glowing. It is suggested to however avoid any makeup products or scrubbing for 24 hours post the treatment as to steer away from any harsh chemical products.

So, should you get this facial done?

If you are some who gets facials done regularly or are looking for a brighter healthier looking skin – then absolutely! It is certainly an investment with the prices ranging from 18k to 35k, but given the long term benefits it is certainly worth it. Rather than getting a facial done every 20-25 days, you can just get the micro infusion facial every 2-3 months depending on your skin type.

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