Types of Eyebrow Tattoo (Microblading) Pens & Other Accessories

Do you have thin eyebrows or light eyebrow hair? Thick and dark brows are back in trend, and people are trying different ways to achieve it. We know how difficult it is to grow eyebrows. While some people complain that they have bushy brows, others feel sad about their lack of natural eyebrows.

Do you fall into the second category? Would you like nice and thick natural-looking eyebrows to complement your features?

Microbalding and eyebrow tattoo pens are new techniques used by aesthetic artists to give your brows a new/ different shape. How?

Read on, folks!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that fills in thin eyebrows to make them fuller and darker. It is a semi-permanent method and its results can last for up to 3 years. Microblading is usually done using a pen-like handheld tool with needles fitted at the end.

The initial process will take about a couple of hours. You can start seeing the results immediately. However, you’ll need to go for 1 more sitting to get the perfect eyebrows and retouch the color.

One thing you ought to be careful about is the expertise of the person microblading your eyebrows. It is not without risks and can lead to infections if the tools, needles, or colors used are not of high quality.

It sounds much like a permanent tattoo, doesn’t it? But there’s a difference between the two.

Difference between Microblading and Permanent Tattoo

The first difference between the two is that a tattoo is permanent. The results of microblading last for around 2-3 years at the most.

The ink in microblading just goes 1 layer into your skin whereas in a permanent tattoo the ink goes 5-6 layers deeper which is why it is a more permanent procedure.

The colors in microblading do not change. They do lighten but don’t turn into another color. For example, your black eyebrows will not become brown after a few months.

Permanent tattoo looks more artificial, whereas microblading draws hair like strokes to give it a more natural effect.

The primary difference between microblading and permanent tattoos is that microbladed eyebrows are drawn using the hand. The amount of pressure is less in microblading and thus, prevents bleeding of color over time.

Why Microblading is a Better Choice than Makeup and Shaping Brows Everyday

Microblading is still in its early stages in India. You’ll find microblading as a preferred choice in western countries. The fact that it is neither permanent nor entirely temporary (lasting for a day or less) has resulted in microblading becoming popular among women.

Microblading is better and more effective than shaping your eyebrows every day and applying makeup to get the fuller-eyebrow effect.

  • Looks Natural & Realistic: Microblading doesn’t look like makeup. The process includes mimicking the natural brow shape by drawing fine lines that resemble hair.
  • Done by an Expert: An expert performs microblading. Even if you are a pro at makeup, you may not always get it right, especially if you are in a hurry.
  • Comparatively Long-Term Results: What will you do when you have no time for makeup? Microblading doesn’t need day-to-day touchups. You only need to take the necessary precautions during the initial stages.
  • Waterproof: Unlike makeup, microblading doesn’t get washed away by water. You can’t remove it using a makeup remover. People will see you with full brows every time.

Tools Used in Microblading

Microblading is a skill that needs practice and the right equipment. Every microblading expert needs to have the following tools in their kit.

  • Blades and Needles

During the shaping procedure the artist will use a blade to remove the extras and give you the perfect shape. The microblading tool is a pen-like instrument with a super-fine tip at one end. This tip uses needles to make a slight cut in the skin and fill the pigment in the upper layer. These create a hair-like effect in the brows to make your eyebrows look naturally full.

  • Pigments

Pigments are different from the ink used in the permanent tattoo. The pigments are available in several colors, ranging from white to shades of brown and black. The expert will use and mix different colors to make your eyebrows look natural and real.

  • Anesthetics & Healing Serums

Microblading involves making a cut on the skin. Without safety precautions, it could lead to infections and cause skin damage. It involves numbing the brow area to reduce pain during the procedure & applying antiseptic serums after the process is mandatory.

  • Accessories

It’s necessary to draw precise lines before filling in the brows. The shape of the eyebrows changes the entire appearance of your face. Microblading experts use rulers and measuring tools to mark the eyebrows and shape them. Correction sticks and saline paste are used to fix tiny mistakes that might happen during the procedure.

Types of Needles Used in Microblading for Different Looks

The microblading procedure might be the same, but it doesn’t mean that the experts use the same blades and needles for every person. The type of needle changes based on the shape of the brows you want & your skin type. Let’s look at the needles available in the market.

Curved Flat or Round Flat Blade

These needles do the majority of the work in microblading. Each needle is called a pin. You can get blades with a varying number of pins. Experts will determine this based on the length of the stroke for hair-like effect in the brow.

Every pin/ needle in this blade touches the skin at the same time. The curved shape helps in giving your brows a natural look. Beginners use the soft version of the blade as it’s easier to handle.


This blade has a shape like the letter U, with needles on both ends shorter in size than in the middle. The blades come in different sizes, depending on how thick the brows should be.

The U blade helps to fill the area near the nose. The strokes are called blub strokes. Experienced artists use these as it’s easy to make a mistake if one is not careful.

Flat Shader

As the name suggests, the flat shader has needles of the same size and length. It is used for outlining and to fill in the narrow parts for the eyebrow. The shaders come in a single and double row of needles and are great to create the ombre effect.

Round Shader

Needles of the same length are bundled together. This shader is used to fill and increase the density of color. It also makes it easy to fill the brows faster and get better coverage. The round shader also comes in different sizes. The one with fewer pins is used for thinner brows and vice versa.

Flexible/ Soft and Hard Bases

The needles are fixed in a base that can either be soft or hard. Since microblading involves breaking the skin to penetrate the epidermis layer, you must choose the instrument carefully. Why?

The first reason is that each skin has a different thickness. Some people naturally have thinner skin. Age is another factor. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes leaner.

The skills and expertise of the microblading expert also need to be considered. The flexible base is made of plastic. The base bends and prevents the cuts from getting too deep or excess pigment from being deposited.

The hard base made of aluminum is the opposite of flexible bases. These are more suited for people with oily and thicker skin. The hard base is perfect for detailing as well. That said, every microblading artist should have both hard and soft bases in their kit.

Blade Length

A smaller blade is used for minute details, and the larger ones are suited for brush strokes. Each blade comes with a different number of pins –

  • 7-9 pins for short fine strokes and touchups
  • 10-13 pins for medium-length strokes and used for every person
  • 14-17 pins for outlining, filling, and longer hair strokes
  • 18-21 pins for the longest strokes and used only by experts

Nano Blades

Nano blades are used for machine microblading to create tiny brow hair that you cannot make manually. These come in different blade lengths and shapes.

Double Row

As mentioned above, shaders can have single or double rows. The double row shaders help to get a uniform effect & in structuring the brow.

It’s not easy to find microblading and semi-permanent makeup products in India. The market is still new, and there aren’t many options to choose from. Indian microblading experts get their equipment from Dubai, Singapore or the United States.

Indian Makeup Products that Can Give You a Temporary Microbladed Look

The following are some well-known products

available in India to get a temporary microbladed look that lasts for a day.

  • Lottie London Arch Rival Microblade Pen

Price: Rs. 1050/- (on Nykaa)

The Arch Rival Microblade Pen has an ultra-fine precision 4-pronged tip helpful in creating smaller strokes in the brow.

The pen comes for a fraction of the price and results in fuller and darker brows that last all day long. The pen is vegan-friendly, gluten-free & cruelty-free.

  • Focallure Auto Brows Pen

Price: Rs. 499/- (on Nykaa)

Focallure is an ultra-fine tipped pen that provides the most detailed strokes to fill your eyebrows. It is smudge-proof and perfect for filling in the gaps in the brows. The pen contains non-toxic chemicals, is vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. The results last all day long.

  • NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil

Price: Rs. 875/- (on Nykaa)

The Micro Brow Pencil provides a natural finish by evenly coating the finest of hair. The result is fuller-looking eyebrows that add beauty to your face. The pencil is easy to use and has different tips at each end.

  • Revolution Pro Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil

Price: Rs. 695/- (on Nykaa)

Microblading Precision Eyebrow Pencil lets you create natural, hair-like strokes for fuller eyebrows sans permanence. The tip is elliptical and so precise that you’ll get exactly the kind of shape you want for your brows. The pencil is cruelty-free and comes in different colors.

  • Flower Beauty Brow Vixen Tattoo Effect Stain

Price: Rs. 825/- (Orginal price on Nykaa)

If you want bold and dark brows all day long, the Flower Beauty Brow Vixen Tattoo Effect Stain is the best choice. There is no need for touchups. It is smudge-proof and is packed with vitamin E and aloe vera. The effect will last for 12 hours. The pen is super easy to use.


The microblading and semi-permanent makeup industry in India is a very niche one. The markets have not expanded to provide the necessary microblading products to experts. However, the increasing demand for microblading of eyebrows might soon open the gates and bring the necessary equipment into the country.

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