What is Infrared Sauna all about?

What is IR sauna?

I am sure we all have tried sauna’s in life. But what is this Infrared Sauna all about?

Well, let us break it down. Infrared light is basically the heat you feel when your body is exposed to the sun. The waves emitted by the infrared light improve blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration. An IR Sauna basically is a room using infrared waves that helps the body in numerous ways.

How is IR Sauna different from the normal sauna?  

Traditional SaunaInfrared Sauna
Uses a heat stove as a heat source.– An IR Sauna uses red light or IR lights to create heat.
More superficial heat.– Deep penetrating heat.
Requires higher temperates to generate sweat.– More sweating at lower temperatures.
Does not penetrate as deep into the skin.
Better for respiratory conditions. 
– IR Saunas are more effective at penetrating deep into the
muscle & joints to provide a deep tissue relief.

Infrared Sauna

What are the benefits of it?

The IR Sauna has various benefits. The far infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into the skin hence having a number of healing properties. The IR saunas have been proved to even treat long lasting health problems like high BP, dementia, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and heart failure. Basically this sauna dilates the blood vessels, hence increasing circulation throughout the body. This high level of circulation not only helps in removing toxins, but also delivers more oxygen and nutrients into the skin. 

Some of the main benefits are:


The infrared sauna helps clear the skin to a great extent through increased blood circulation and the detoxification of the body.It even goes to reducing fine lines, wrinkles and increases the production of collagen. The warm light by the infrared works in clearing the skin pores that have been clogged hence allowing a smooth texture. The sweat because of the infrared helps to flush out toxins and deliver nutrients to the epidermis.


Studies have shown that that the IR sauna can help boost the heart health and reduce blood pressure. It speeds up muscle recovery and reduces soreness. The process has even proven to be a perfect method of treatment for chronic pain. Also, as a result of increased heart rate, the body also increases the metabolic rate – therefore burning more energy in form of calories. The entire procedure increases your resistance to any illness, improving your immunity.

How often should you do it?

This is very subjective to your lifestyle and physical activity. However, about a minimum of 3 times a week is good to gain the benefits from it. The sessions generally last anywhere between 20-40 mins. If for muscle soreness then it starts with a dry body massage for 15 mins followed by the infrared sauna. If the focus is on the skin, it starts with a gentle facial cleanse before getting into the sauna.

How to maximise the benefits from IR Sauna?

  1. Drink at least 2 glasses or 500ml of water before the session and one glass of water after the session.
  2. It is advisable to have a cup of green tea or any herbal tea or warm water but not milk tea before the session.
  3. The session of detox is to be taken in least clothes like under garments or swim suits or disposal under garments.
  4. Carry a hand towel along with you while going for detox session.
  5. Do not wear metal watches or carry other metals, gold ornaments are acceptable. 
  6. Do not eat anything 45-60 minutes before the session.
  7. You can drink lemon water immediately after session and can eat 15 minutes after the session.
  8. You can keep a wet towel on your head if you want.
  9. You can open the door once or twice between the session for 10 seconds if you feel high heat but avoid as long as you can.
  10. Avoid drinking water in between the detox session.
  11. Avoid using mobile phones during the session as long as possible.
  12. Meditation or music therapy would be best when detoxifying.

Who should avoid it?

Avoid it if:

  1. You have a fever.
  2. During your menstrual periods.
  3. Immediately after consuming Alcohol. 
  4. Immediately having Meals.
  5. Uncontrolled blood pressure or vey high B.P.
  6. Migraine attack & Vertigo. 
  7. Dehydration.

Basically IR Saunas are one of the most comfortable and relaxing ways to break a sweat. You end the session with a flushed glow on your skin and feeling much lighter and calm. Having multiple health and skin benefits – this is definitely something you should include in your regular routine!

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