Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo procedure which involves thin, tiny point needles instead of a tattoo gun to deposit pigments under your skin so that you get a more realistic look at the end that does not wash off. The pigments used in microblading differs from that of a tattoo as it is semi-permanent & the particles of dye are less concentrated in microblading ink than traditional tattoo ink. It creates the look of naturally full brows using black or dark brown pigments as per your requirement. Few may also create a custom colour using shades which will match your hair colour, so your brows will end up looking real & multidimensional.

Micro shading points to “shade” in sparse areas & not tattoo hair strokes along the brow line. Micro shading fills in the entire brow with pigmentation that is light with the help of a fine tipped needle. It does not create the illusion of individual hair strokes. In the end it will appear to be a shading that resembles penciling or powdering your brows with makeup. In short micro shading gives a more airbrushed & powdered brow look.

Both ways will require 2 sessions.


Micro shading is a great choice for people with oily skin and those who often perspire. It is also the best choice for sensitive skin. Since micro shaders create small pin-point dots on the brow area repetitively, this allows the pigment to set better on oily skin.

Those who want more filling & a natural look can opt for Microblading. A combination of both is also an option that gives a perfect ombre look by adding hair strokes in the beginning & micro shading the rest to create a good shape.

People who love makeup or are used to filling can choose the micro shading technique as the shading is more advanced & has the option to tweak the technique a little. The artists can give you a bolder and fuller finish. With this method, your artist can help you achieve a gradient effect on your brows that you mostly see on celebrities & models.

Microblading requires you to have some of your natural brow hair to be present, so that your artist can follow your natural brow pattern. Micro shaded brows require less maintenance than micro bladed brows as micro shaded brows tend to last longer than microbladed brows.

Microblading, however, gives a much natural look compared to ombre shading (microshading).


Micro shading cost varies widely depending on location, but it usually ranges from 18k to 24k for both sessions.

Depending on your skin, the after effects may vary & can last between 18 to 24 months. Oily skin might require a touch up session sooner than drier skin. Pricing also depends on the location & the salon you are going to.

Both almost the same, micro shading is slightly cheaper than microblading as it does not give as much of a natural look. Microblading has 6D hair strokes that give a fuller natural look. Microblading ranges from 20k to 26k.


A combination of both is usually what looks flawless and gives a fuller look, however, it is best if you consult your artist before going for any of the techniques. Let your artist suggest the best kind of brow tattoo that suits you.

Some pros of Microblading –

  • hair-like strokes look like real hair
  • fills & changes the shape of your eyebrows
  • Ideal method for dry skin
  • lighter flawless finish

Some pros of micro shading-

  • resembles eyebrow powder
  • creates thicker, fuller eyebrows
  • ideal for sensitive or oily skin

It is very important to understand how the procedure works. It is very important to have full & proper knowledge to understand what you can expect from the procedure. Make sure to choose a cosmetic technician with lots of experience & knowledge. Talk to your artist about your discomforts and allergies if you have any to help them do the best for you.

For more information on Microblading procedure, Click here.

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