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Lip colour correction in Bangalore

What is Lip colour correction all about?

Lip colour correction or Lip Blush is a kind of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure which deposits pigments in your lips using small needles. It is a perfect way to adjust the irregular shape and colour of the lips and to lighten dark lips. It can also help in case of uneven colour and vitiligo on the lips. Lip tattooing is done mainly to enhance the beauty of the lips not for adding volume or fullness.

Step 1 : Consultation

The process just like Microblading begins with a free consultation. To achieve the desired result it is important to have discuss your requirements. During the consultation we discuss the lip colour you are wanting to achieve and address your main concerns. This contributes to 90% of the procedure.

Anjali will show you some before after looks to help you understand the final result and walk you through the procedure.

Step 2 : Designing the shape, colour & numbing

Perfectly shaped blushed lips enhance your beauty. At this point Anjali will cleanse your lips and scrub them to remove the dry skin and create a more smooth look. She will then move forward to draw an outline to guide us through the lip colour process. Post that a numbing cream or liquid is applied on your lips to ensure a smooth and pain free process.

While the numbing lotion sets in, we move towards mixing a perfect colour as per your requirements.

Step 3 : Lip Colour Correction

A new lip colour correcting needle is removed from the sealed pack and attached to the tattoo machine. We 1st start with the orange colour because just like in makeup, the orange here helps conceal uneven undertones. A gentle pressure is applied with the tip of the machine needle and the ink is deposited in a sequential manner.

We then moved to a red or pink colour all over the lips giving it a perfect outline and removing the dark pigmentation. The numbing lotion is applied repeatedly throughout the procedure to give you maximum comfort. The treatment area is gentle massage for better insertion of the colour.

Step 4 : Reveal & Touch up

The complete procedure takes about 1 hour. The post treatment healing can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. There will be slight swelling depending on how sensitive your lips are. The lip colour will look bright, like a lipstick colour, initially. The swelling will go down in about 24 hours maximum and the colour will fade upto 50-60% within a week – 10 days. To help it heal quicker you will be asked to apply a thick layer of Vaseline repeatedly throughout the day.

Lip colour correction is a very patient process and sometimes will require 2-3 sittings depending on the discolouration. However, once done – you will fall in love with your lip colour.

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