5 Reasons Why Getting a Lip Tattoo is a Good Idea

A lip tattoo is known to enhance lip appearance. You get mesmerizing and fuller lips. Here is what makes a lip tattoo a better choice.

Do your lips look darker than normal? Do you feel conscious about the shade of your lips? We know that lipstick doesn’t always provide a solution. In fact, some low-quality lipsticks can lead to the darkening of lips.

People of all genders suffer from lip discoloration. This could be because of reasons like exposure to extreme heat, smoking, etc. Vitiligo causes the skin & lip color to fade and results in pale and lifeless lips.

Is there a way to get back the natural lip color? Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the same blush pink lips you had as a child?

There are different ways to make this possible. Lip color correction is one such popular technique. Some call it a lip tattoo, while others give it the name of lip blushing. We can explain it using lip color correction.

What is Lip Colour Correction or Lip Shading?

Lip colour correction is a semi-permanent tattooing process where coloured pigment is inserted into your lips to correct the shade & make them look natural and even-toned. Lip colour correction highlights the shape of the lips & regularises their colour. It does not add more volume to the lips or make them fuller.

The process doesn’t change the shape of the lips. It only enhances & highlights the shape by changing the colour to a natural peachy or blush pink shade. The colour chosen for correction depends on your skin tone.

If you have warm skin, the lip colour will have more peachy undertones. If your skin is lighter, the aesthetician will use shades of pink. Anyone older than 18 years can go for lip colour correction or lip blushing.

Make sure to contact a qualified and certified aesthetician for the process. While it can be expensive, it is also safe and you will have better results with an experienced artist.

Uncertified artists offer their services at a cheaper rate, but there is a chance of infection, excess pain, and even for the procedure to go wrong.

The Process and Details of Lip Tattoo/ Lip Colour Correction

Before we read why a lip tattoo is a preferred choice, let’s see a little more about how it’s done and how long the results will last.

Lip tattoo is called micro pigmentation, as it involves inserting coloured ink into the lips. However, this is different from lip colour (we’ll see that next).

Lip tattoo involves using a manual tool with a needle tip that breaks the skin to correct the lip colour. The first session focuses on reducing discolouration. You’ll get a colour touch-up in the second session. Aestheticians usually suggest a 4-6 weeks gap between the two sessions. That’s because your lips need to heal after the first session and allow the colour pigment to settle.

Lip color correction takes a little time to show results. Your lips will be slightly swollen immediately after the process, and this will last for a day. The colour of your lips will be bright, almost as if you’ve got lipstick on them. This will fade in the coming days, and your lips will start to look better after a week or so.

The shade is reduced by up to 60%. That’s why aestheticians choose a pigment darker than what’s required. The second session is a touch-up of colour to get a natural look. Once done, the results can last for one to three years or more, depending on your lifestyle and environmental factors.

As time goes by, you’ll notice that your lips start to darken again, and the spots appear as before. It means you need to go for another colour touch-up to lighten the shade again.

Tips for Lip Tattoo

Before you go for the lip tattoo session, keep the following in mind-

  • The process can be a little uncomfortable & slightly painful. Experienced artists will apply a special antiseptic cream to prevent infections and reduce pain.
  • The aesthetician will draw your lips and select the colour to take your approval before starting the process.
  • You will be asked to be careful while brushing your teeth, eating, and drinking after the process. The next 4-5 days can be uncomfortable. Don’t plan any major events during this period.
  • Do not apply lipstick to your lips during this time. Try not to exercise (and sweat) or bite your lips. Don’t expose your face and lips to sunlight for long.
  • Use a safe lip balm and moisturize your lips to prevent them from drying.
  • And finally, talk to the aestheticians and ensure that they use sterile needles and tools for lip colour correction.

5 Reasons Why Getting a Lip Tattoo is a Good Idea

So what makes lip tattoos so popular around the world? Why do women like to get semi-permanent lip tattoos to lighten their lips and make them look naturally fresh and beautiful? The following are the five reasons why getting a lip tattoo is a good idea and a preferable option to other methods.

Non-Invasive Technique

Lip tattoos or lip colour correction is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The aestheticians are artists and not doctors. They don’t perform surgery on your lips. They don’t give you any injections either.

The process involves inserting coloured pigment into your lips by gently breaking through the upper layer. It is safe and less risky as long as the equipment used is sterilised and new. It also doesn’t take long to complete the session.

It is Affordable

While the process is not entirely cheap or inexpensive, it is more affordable compared to plastic surgeries and fillers. The price could further come down as more artists get trained and set up their practice.

It is Therapeutic

Dark lips or pale lips can cause low self-esteem in people. You’ll start to feel conscious about your face and wonder if others find your lips odd. Lip colour correction conceals the uneven pigmentation and makes your lips beautiful.

This will enhance your features and boost your self-confidence. It does feel great to have lips that always look nice and lovely, isn’t it?

No Lipstick Needed

We’d say this is one of the biggest advantages of lip colour correction. You don’t need to carry lipstick everywhere and apply another coat to keep the shade fresh when rushing through the day.

There’s no need to reapply lipstick in the elevators, while traveling, or before attending an event. When you can flaunt the natural peachy pink shade of your lips all around the day, why cover it with lipstick?

Defines the Shape of the Lip

Even though a lip tattoo doesn’t involve reshaping the lips, it still emphasises the shape. When the discolouration is removed, your lips will be clear and more defined. They’ll be separated from the surrounding skin, thanks to the lip lines. This will give your lips more symmetry and make them naturally stand out.

How is Lip Colour Different From Lip Colour Correction?

One vital point you need to know is the difference between lip colour and lip colour correction. Lip colour is also a semi-permanent tattoo, but the similarity stops here.

Lip colour is the process of filling colour in your lips and giving them a lipstick-like look. It is usually done with the help of a tattoo machine to implant fine powder mist into the upper layer of your skin.

The result is that your lips will look like you’ve applied lipstick on them. The colour stays put for long (1-2 years) instead of getting smudged and wearing off in a few hours. However, remember that you cannot change the colour as and when you feel like it.

Once you get lip colour, you need to wait until it naturally wears off before changing the colour. Think of it as sporting a red lipstick day in and day out for months!

Lip colour correction, on the other hand, simply removes the discoloration from your lips and evens the skin tone. Your lips get the natural shade of pink without filling them with any other colour. You are free to apply the lipstick of your choice if required.


Lip tattoo or lip colour correction can bring back the natural shade of your lips and make them attractive. Many aestheticians offer lip colour correction in the country. Some of them even travel to your destination to provide their services. Check the internet, make inquiries, and choose a certified aesthetician for the task.

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  1. It sure was nice when you said that you won’t need to carry lipsticks and reapply them when you consider a lip tattoo service. This is a good tip for me because I cannot go out without ensuring that my pale lips are covered by the lipstick. Since I want to save time and money on applying makeup, I will be sure to consider a lip blushing service within the week.

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